The focus of the atelier is found in the crossover between design, user and environment. By repurposing waste material the long lifespan of these sturdy materials is used optimal and delays te appeal of producing new materials.

The waste materials are crafted into authentic handmade products in Amsterdam. The collection mirrors the topicality of our overproduction and counts as a daily reminder of the choices we have for a responsible life.


The materials are a collection of old and new. With eye for the character of the materials such as the structure in thickness and suppleness, they are selected and applied for the best possible quality.
The focus lies in reusing materials that have been depreciated and discarded from their use in the industries. Sometimes these materials are literally second-hands and wear a slight trace of use, more often the materials are waste from the cutting proces. It’s a shame these beautiful and heavy duty materials are discarded already so soon while their life-span reaches much longer. The most common materials at Atelier Badem are tarpaulin, known from trucktarp, and raingear-cloth.


The atelier is located in Amsterdam. Here the materials are collected, cut in to custom designs, cleaned and sewn into bags and similar products. Because the materials often already come with a usage history, they require extra attention during the proces.
The designs are loosely based on the production lines from the mass industry; there’s extra attention to reducing waste and the efficiency throughout the whole process. 


Apart from the use of discarded materials, Badem takes the environment also in other ways into account. The bags are durable, in production and usage, but also the users are invited to contribute. The atelier stimulates recycling by offering a voucher for returning your old Badem bag for free.
In the atelier the old bags as disassembled and the useful pieces are used to produce pouches and wallets. In exchange for recycling your bag, you receive 10% discount on your next Badem bag. Read more.
Atelier Badem
Alle producten worden in huis ontworpen en  met de hand vervaardigd.


The bags seem ostensibly simple in shape, but the versatility is hidden in the design. The bag functions as a tote bag that can be worn also as a backpack by pulling out the straps. In the bags (> 13L) is a 13″ compartment made from discarded rain cloth which closes with velcro. When there are only a few items in the bag, the opening falls slender and inwards. If you fill it with groceries and you wear it as a backpack, the bag will adjust in volume and use the full width of the design. The bag closes with a zipper.
Because of the choice of materials, the bags are also suitable for harsh weather conditions and you can wash them at 40 degrees in the washing machine.
Smaller products such as zipped pouches and wallets are made from the cut waste from old bags [see heading “recycle”].


Any question regarding your purchase or the Atelier can be send via this button, or take a look in the shop. 


Behind the scenes of Atelier Badem, founder Jana Vukšić works on all fronts. After studying architectural design at the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam ’15, she has dedicated herself to community art. In collaboration with residents from asylum seekers centers in the
Netherlands she effectuates art installations through creative workshops and interventions. Her autonomous and engaging work can be seen in her portfolio.

Since ’17 her interests for materials and technique have developed into the independent studio of Atelier Badem. All designs offered here are designed and made by hand by Jana. 

Jana Vuksic